Reopening News

In reaction to your queries about when will we attempt to relaunch our church, the answer is soon.  It is taking time because we have leadership within and above our church who are approaching this with caution and care.  A 29 page document was generated last month outlining the steps to allowing us to gather.  And quite honestly, I agree with the process and need for caution.  Each and every one of you is important to the church, one another, and me. 

Our goal is to have an outdoor service on July 26th and then into the sanctuary on August 2nd.  The delay is because we have things to plan, and hoops to jump through.  We have to work out some logistics and ask hard questions.  I feel that the 26th is a realistic goal that we can attain while assuring your safety.

When you do return, expect some changes… nothing radical.  We are not installing lasers or fog machines. But, you may see some restrictions on our in building behavior, some caution tape on stairwells, and some things to celebrate… like two new Defibrillators for that “just in case” contingency.  We will be beginning slowly but we are investigating the use of technology to extend the scope of our outreach.