Sunday Oct 18 Service

Exciting Announcement!

We are planning to have an indoor worship service next Sunday (October 18th) in our sanctuary at 10:30!  There are some considerations…

1. Attendance will be limited to 50.  In order to attend, you must call the church office (during regular church office hours please) and request seating for you and your family.  If you show up and you haven’t made a reservation, it is possible that you won’t be admitted.

2. All of the Covid 19 protocols will be enforced.  Masks will be worn. Temperatures will be checked at the door.  Social distancing maintained. 

3. The sanctuary will be sectioned off and you will be told where to sit. There will be no exceptions because “that’s my seat”.

4. Entry and exit will only happen through the Hicks Street entrance.

5. Other than restrooms, all other areas of the church will be restricted. 

6. We ask that after you are dismissed, that you exit the building as swiftly as safe as possible.  Please do not congregate in the building.  

Any offenders of the above will be subject to Matthew 16:19.  Don’t try me on this.  🙂

Sunday School and small groups are not approved yet.  We hope to make another announcement Sunday, October 18th. 

Of course, this is all subject to any increase in the Anderson County Covid 19 statistics because you are loved and important to us! 

Pastor Scott