PayPal Giving Fund

We can also receive donations via the PayPal Giving Fund either as a standalone donation or when you checkout online and use PayPal as your payment method. Either in the PayPal app or after you’ve logged into PayPal on your computer there is an option to select your favorite charity. Search for “Memorial United Methodist Church Clinton” and you should find the church. Once you select the church you will have the option to donate $1 anytime you use PayPal as your online payment method.

You can also do a standalone donation via or directly in the PayPal app and contribute any amount you want. The church gets 100% of the proceeds but it will take a little longer for the church to receive the funds. You also cannot choose a specific church fund to donate towards using this method. This is an easy way to donate $1 anytime you use PayPal when buying something online, to remain anonymous, or to ensure 100% of the funds go towards the church when donating. For more information see